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def HarvestMan::urlparser::HarvestManUrlParser::get_base_domain (   self  ) 

Return the base domain for this url object 

Definition at line 652 of file urlparser.py.

00652                              :
        """ Return the base domain for this url object """

        # Explanation: Base domain is the domain
        # at the root of a given domain. For example
        # base domain of stats.foo.com is foo.com.
        # If there is no subdomain, this will be
        # the same as the domain itself.

        # If the server name is of the form say bar.foo.com
        # or vodka.bar.foo.com, i.e there are more than one
        # '.' in the name, then we need to return the
        # last string containing a dot in the middle.

        # Get domain
        domain = self.domain
        if domain.count('.') > 1:
            dotstrings = domain.split('.')
            # now the list is of the form => [vodka, bar, foo, com]

            # Return the last two items added with a '.'
            # in between
            return "".join((dotstrings[-2], ".", dotstrings[-1]))
            # The server is of the form foo.com or just "foo"
            # so return it straight away
            return domain

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