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HarvestMan::urlparser::HarvestManUrlParser Class Reference

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Detailed Description

New HarvestMan Url Parser class re-written
to make the code more readable 

Definition at line 40 of file urlparser.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def anchorcheck
def compute_dirpaths
def compute_domain_and_port
def compute_file_and_dir_paths
def get_anchor
def get_anchor_url
def get_base_domain
def get_base_domain_with_port
def get_base_urlobject
def get_domain
def get_domain_with_port
def get_download_status
def get_filename
def get_full_domain
def get_full_domain_with_port
def get_full_filename
def get_full_url
def get_full_url_sans_port
def get_generation
def get_local_directory
def get_original_url
def get_port_number
def get_priority
def get_relative_depth
def get_relative_filename
def get_relative_url
def get_root_dir
def get_type
def get_url
def get_url_content_info
def get_url_directory
def get_url_directory_sans_domain
def is_cgi
def is_equal
def is_filename_url
def is_image
def is_relative_path
def is_relative_to_server
def is_stylesheet
def is_webpage
def make_valid_filename
def make_valid_url
def manage_content_type
def reset_IDX
def resolve_protocol
def resolveurl
def set_directory_url
def set_index
def set_url_content_info
def violates_rules

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

string BACKSLASH = '\\'
string DOT = '.'
string DOTDOT = '..'
int IDX = 0
tuple image_extns
string PORTSEP = ':'
dictionary protocol_map
string PROTOSEP = '//'
tuple reset_IDX = classmethod(reset_IDX)
tuple stylesheet_extns = ( '.css', )
string URLSEP = '/'
tuple webpage_extns
tuple wspacere = re.compile(r'\w+\s+\w+')

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