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def HarvestMan::datamgr::harvestManDataManager::print_project_info (   self,

Print project information 

Definition at line 866 of file datamgr.py.

00866                                         :
        """ Print project information """

        nlinks = statsd['links']
        nservers = statsd['extservers'] + 1
        nfiles = statsd['files']
        ndirs = statsd['extdirs'] + 1
        numfailed = statsd['failed']
        nretried = statsd['retries']
        fatal = statsd['fatal']
        fetchtime = statsd['fetchtime']
        nfilesincache = statsd['filesincache']
        nfilesinrepos = statsd['filesinrepos']

        # Bug fix, download time to be calculated
        # precisely...

        dnldtime = fetchtime

        strings = [('link', nlinks), ('server', nservers),
                   ('file', nfiles), ('file', nfilesinrepos),
                   ('directory', ndirs), ('link', numfailed), ('link', fatal),
                   ('link', nretried), ('file', nfilesincache) ]

        fns = map(plural, strings)
        info(' ')

        if fetchtime and nfiles:
            fps = (float(nfiles/dnldtime))
            fps = float((math.modf(fps*100.0))[1]/100.0)

        bytes = self._bytes

        if bytes and dnldtime:
            bps = (float(bytes/dnldtime))/100.0
            bps = float((math.modf(bps*100.0))[1]/1000.0)
            if bps<1.0:
                bps *= 1000.0
            bps = 0.0

        self._cfg = GetObject('config')

        info('HarvestMan mirror',self._cfg.project,'completed in',fetchtime,'seconds.')
        if nlinks: info(nlinks,fns[0],'scanned in',nservers,fns[1],'.')
        else: info('No links parsed.')
        if nfiles: info(nfiles,fns[2],'written.')
        else:info('No file written.')
        if nfilesinrepos:
            info(nfilesinrepos,fns[3],wasOrWere(nfilesinrepos),'already uptodate in the repository for this project and',wasOrWere(nfilesinrepos),'not updated.')
        if nfilesincache:
            info(nfilesincache,fns[8],wasOrWere(nfilesincache),'updated from the project cache.')
        if fatal: info(fatal,fns[6],'had fatal errors and failed to download.')
        if bytes: info(bytes,' bytes received at the rate of',bps,ratespec,'.\n')

        # get current time stamp


        format='%b %d %Y '+tz+' %H:%M:%S'
        tstamp=time.strftime(format, s)
        # Write stats to a stats file
        statsfile = self._cfg.project + '.hst'
        statsfile = os.path.abspath(os.path.join(self._cfg.projdir, statsfile))
        print 'Writing stats file ', statsfile , '...'
        # Append to files contents
        sf=open(statsfile, 'a')

        # Write url, file count, links count, time taken,
        # files per second, failed file count & time stamp
        infostr +='files:'+str(nfiles)+','
        infostr +='links:'+str(nlinks)+','
        infostr +='dirs:'+str(ndirs)+','
        infostr +='failed:'+str(numfailed)+','
        infostr +='refetched:'+str(nretried)+','
        infostr +='fatal:'+str(fatal)+','
        infostr +='elapsed:'+str(fetchtime)+','
        infostr +='fps:'+str(fps)+','
        infostr +='bps:'+str(bps)+','
        infostr +='timestamp:'+tstamp
        infostr +='\n'


        print 'Done.'

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