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HarvestMan::datamgr::harvestManDataManager Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The data manager cum indexer class 

Definition at line 43 of file datamgr.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def add_headers_to_cache
def archive_project
def check_duplicate_download
def clean_up
def conditional_cache_set
def create_local_directory
def does_cache_need_update
def download_url
def dump_headers
def dump_urltree
def dump_urltree_htmlmode
def dump_urltree_textmode
def get_links_dictionary
def get_proj_cache_filename
def has_download_threads
def is_a_dead_link
def is_file_downloaded
def is_url_cache_uptodate
def is_url_uptodate
def kill_download_threads
def last_download_thread_report_time
def localise_file_links
def localise_links
def post_download_setup
def print_project_info
def read_project_cache
def thread_download
def update_bytes
def update_dead_links
def update_failed_files
def update_file_stats
def update_links
def write_file_from_cache

Private Attributes


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